Class meta_range


#include <src/entt/meta/range.hpp>

template<typename Type>
class meta_range


Iterable range to use to iterate all types of meta objects.

Template Parameters

Type - Type of meta objects iterated.


meta_range overloadDefault constructor.
meta_range overloadConstructs a meta range from a given node.
beginReturns an iterator to the beginning.
endReturns an iterator to the end.


Lines 17-94 in src/entt/meta/range.hpp.

template<typename Type>
class meta_range {
    struct range_iterator {
        using difference_type = std::ptrdiff_t;
        using value_type = Type;
        using pointer = void;
        using reference = value_type;
        using iterator_category = std::input_iterator_tag;
        using node_type = typename Type::node_type;

        range_iterator() ENTT_NOEXCEPT = default;

        range_iterator(node_type *head) ENTT_NOEXCEPT
            : it{head}

        range_iterator & operator++() ENTT_NOEXCEPT {
            return ++it, *this;

        range_iterator operator++(int) ENTT_NOEXCEPT {
            range_iterator orig = *this;
            return it++, orig;

        [[nodiscard]] reference operator*() const ENTT_NOEXCEPT {
            return it.operator->();

        [[nodiscard]] bool operator==(const range_iterator &other) const ENTT_NOEXCEPT {
            return == it;

        [[nodiscard]] bool operator!=(const range_iterator &other) const ENTT_NOEXCEPT {
            return !(*this == other);

        typename internal::meta_range<node_type>::iterator it{};

    /*! @brief Node type. */
    using node_type = typename Type::node_type;
    /*! @brief Input iterator type. */
    using iterator = range_iterator;

    /*! @brief Default constructor. */
    meta_range() ENTT_NOEXCEPT = default;

     * @brief Constructs a meta range from a given node.
     * @param head The underlying node with which to construct the range.
    meta_range(node_type *head)
        : node{head}

     * @brief Returns an iterator to the beginning.
     * @return An iterator to the first meta object of the range.
    [[nodiscard]] iterator begin() const ENTT_NOEXCEPT {
        return iterator{node};

     * @brief Returns an iterator to the end.
     * @return An iterator to the element following the last meta object of the
     * range.
    [[nodiscard]] iterator end() const ENTT_NOEXCEPT {
        return iterator{};

    node_type *node{nullptr};

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